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  • About GETEC

    GETEC is trying to develop environmental technologies which might be applied in pollution from industrial activities and try to become the leader in the environmental engineering field.(as BioFilter Systems, wet-scrubber, chemical wastewater treatment, biological wastewater treatment) GETEC has the license for work in air pollution prevention and treatment.
    GETEC also has the license for water and wastewater treatment in Korea. Since 2007 GETEC had tried to pioneer new environmental market in Vietnam based on experiences technologies, for improvement of Vietnamese environmental mattes, GETEC VINA which is environmental service company was established on last Jan. 2010 in Vietnam.
    GETEC have exported advanced environmental technologies and facilities to Morocco environmental market in Africa in concert with local consulting company.
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      Mobile : +212-6-6141-1369
      (Mr. Mohamed EI HAZOULI)
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